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Ultra HD AI Powered


Commercial and corporate theft costs billions of pounds every year. But if you had the latest CCTV system, analytics and professional software setup your CCTV system shall deter people from targeting your business, warn you earlier and signal to the police you have a confirmed intruder. Our CCTV security products use leading-edge technology to capture ultra high definition images of your property and people.

From a stand-alone video recording system to a large multi site CCTV system we have a team ready to deploy.


Let us Know How we Can Help With Your Project

Let us Know How we Can Help With Your Project

HD Ultra

Video Compression

We can use optimised H.265 video compression and Activity Controlled Framerate technology switched being 1 frame per second (fps) and 30 fps when automatic motion is detected. Enormous data storage cost savings of up to 90% can be achieved.


Next Generation 

Artificial Intelligence

AI extracts and aggregates video metadata such as gender, children, vehicles, size, colour, speed, path, direction, and dwell time, enabling users to analyse their video, derive actionable insights for data-driven safety, security, and operational decision making.

Cyber Secure

Video Transmission

CyberVigilant® in Camera technology embedded within cameras adds an additional layer of security. If an unauthorised source tries to ping the camera or access its webpage then this access will be raised as an alert in the Control Center for the operator to action.


Featured Case Study

Liverpool Shopping Centre

A complete CCTV and control centre upgrade. We seamlessly built a new end-to-end secure IP infrastructure, CCTV system and Control Room setup delivering state of the art analytics, monitoring and security.


Advanced CCTV Analytics


Line Crossing

Detect, filter and count objects that cross a pre-defined line to drive perimeter protection and count objects.


Object Scanning

Search and locate people, vehicles, and other items of interest by searching for objects with similar attributes. Such as yellow hi-vis, blue backpack, man in blue shorts.


Mask Detection

Apply a Face Mask filter to search and identify persons without face masks.


People Counting

Gain insights about area occupancy, including queues, to optimise space, traffic flows, uncover visitor statistics, and more.


Number Plate Recognition

Visualise and analyse vehicle behaviour patterns for improved traffic and asset management. Control barriers and gates with approved number plates only.


Marketing Data

See retail traffic flow, heat map most desirable locations for merchandising and make educated decisions to sell more, increase rent and concession rates.


Serviced & Maintained CCTV to Keep You Safe

Ready 24/7, 365 days a year to quickly react to your system.


Fastest Response

24/7/365 Call-Outs

Low Call-Out Rates

Fastest Repair Quotes

NSI Gold Monitoring 

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