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Dry & Wet


Dry Risers are required in buildings where any floor is over 18 metres above ground level and below 50 metres in height. They are 'dry' and are not pressurised with water until the fire brigade connect their hoses.

Wet Risers are required in buildings over 50 metres high and are permanently pressurised with water due to the vast water volume required in such tall buildings.

In short a riser system is networked pipes and valves that allow the fire service to easily and quickly deliver water to a location where it is needed such as the upper floors.

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Dry & Wet Riser Maintenance

It is essential dry and wet risers are properly maintained to ensure the pipework does not leak, maintains the pressures required for firefighting and are permits quick connection of hoses.

We provide servicing of Dry & Wet Riser systems in accordance with BS9990:2015 Code of Practice for Non-Automatic Firefighting Systems in Buildings.

Our servicing includes 2 visits per annum and contain a major 'wet' test and a minor visual inspection of the system. Just some of our checks include:

  • Hydraulic pressure tests by pressurising the pipework to 10bar for 15 minutes

  • Visually check all inlet and outlet valves

  • Check the performance of valves

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Ready 24/7, 365 days a year to quickly react to your requirements. Keeping your system at full strength is our No.1 priority.


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