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Complete Fire & Security for

Large Residential Projects

With the rise of large scale private residential and build-to-rent sectors we specialise in providing a seamless, turnkey, fire and security offering.

Guaranteed The Fastest Fire & Security Response 

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Increased Fire Protection at

No Extra Cost

Upgraded Grade C domestic fire detection to BS5839-6. The latest technology allows seamless integration with the landlords system. Now, you can easily manage the buildings fire events and give residents real peace of mind.

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Live Events & Reports 

From Anywhere

See your whole system including each domestic BS5839-6 system and their events. Know when there is a genuine fire or false alarm and generate KPI reports immediately from anywhere.

HD Entry and Mobile Access

Tailgating is becoming a bigger problem in apartments. Now residents can see who they are letting in. Either hardwired or through their mobile phones. Available on IOS and Android.


Smart CCTV Brings More Safety and Revenue

Instantly see and search for a 'man wearing a blue hoody and yellow shoes' and track his every movement. Alert when unauthorised vehicles enter the car park and park in the wrong space. And much much more.

Book a FREE Consultation With Our Living Team

CALL - 01257 463018

We Work With

Developers & Landlords

We tailor our offering to suite your needs and your residents. With our technology your buildings will become the most desired residential units in the area to keep rents and demand high

Fire Engineers

We guide you your fire strategy to ensure the highest level of fire protection can be achieved. Plus, our offerings give your clients a reduced lifetime costs and building management

Electrical Consultants

We have ready to use specifications for our products. Whether you're at RIBA stage 2,3 or 4 we can advise a turnkey solution that reduces lifecycle cost, enhances safety and reduces building management

Social Housing & Councils

We know your pain. Frequently changing devices and an endless struggle to be compliant. Our systems take your headaches away with lower lifecycle costs and cloud monitoring of your systems anywhere anytime.You need to comply.

Ensuring Your Residents 

Security & Safety

From build throughout the building lifecycle, we do all this to ensure your properties are the safest, most secure and easiest to manage.

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