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Evacuation Chairs

Evacuation chairs are used across a wide range of circumstances

if the existing evacuation measures are inadequate. When a fire breaks out, lifts are grounded and inoperable leaving those with mobility impairments at the whim of the fire and fire brigade.

Evacuation chairs offer these situations a much safer and more acceptable method of evacuation.


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Types of Evacuation Chair

We deal with multiple evacuation chair offerings to suit site requirements some include:

  • Standard width Chairs

  • Narrow Chairs

  • Transit Chairs

  • Ascending stair chairs

If you employ persons with mobility impairments. Or your employees become mobility impaired during the course of their work ensuring their safe evacuation from the building can be a headache. Under the fire safety order and disability discrimination acts, among others, you are required to ensure their safe escape from a building in an emergency. Evacuation chairs are often the most practical and cost effective options to satisfy these requirements.


Servicing Your Evacuation Chairs

As a Class 1 medical device PUWER regulations require your evacuation chair is ready to use and remains in the very best condition.


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