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Fire Extinguishers

As a company you are required by law to maintain your fire-fighting equipment to protect you, your employees and the public. This includes your fire extinguishers and other protection equipment such as fire blankets.

We adhere to the British Standard BS 5306 and install, commission and maintain your extinguishers and fire protection so your premises are compliant in the event of a fire incident.


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Types of Fire Extinguisher

Our Fire extinguishers are available in different type depending on the specific fire class they are suitable for. Fire extinguishers should meet BS EN3 requiring them to have a red body and an agent specific colour band showcasing the extinguishers content.


Our extinguishers include:

  • Water - class A fires

  • AFFF Foam - class A and class B fires

  • CO2 - class B and electrical fires

  • Powder - class A, class B, class C and electrical fires

  • Water Mist - class A, B, C, F and electrical fires

  • Wet Chemical - class F such as combustible cooking material

We can supply bespoke colours however note these shall not be BS EN3 compliant.

Featured Case Study

Project X

A large well know shopping centre consisting of a large volume of extinguishers. Extinguishers are maintained to BS 5306-3:2017 across the site and consist of a mixture of class A, B, C & F extinguishers.


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