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Disabled Refuge System

Current Building Regulations insist that all new buildings with more than one storey provide ‘refuge’ areas – safe places where disabled people can call for assistance and wait until help arrives.


Simple, effective two-way communication in these areas is essential, firstly to assist rescue teams in determining where assistance is required and secondly to reassure people help is on the way.


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Disabled Refuge Systems

Our disabled refuge systems are fully compliant with BS 5839-9 and we have outstations suitable suitable for use in virtually all emergency voice communication applications including disabled refuge, fire telephone or stadium marshal systems, in hotels, schools, shopping malls, sports stadia and high-rise apartments.

We can deliver:

  • SigTEL 4-224 line emergency voice communication system

  • Loop driven emergency voice communication system

  • Wireless digital radio-based emergency voice communication system

Featured Case Study

Oxygen Towers

A large residential complex utilising a networked multi panel emergency voice communication system to assist the evacuation of disabled refuge locations.

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