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Nursecall & Warden Call

Whether you operate a nursing home, residential extra care facility or hospital it’s important to ensure patients have a reliable way to communicate with a member of staff should they need assistance. Solid State offers the latest and safest nursecall and warden call solutions for your facility.


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Innovative Nursecall Cloud Management

Using the latest TCP/IP technology our systems can communicate remotely via a browser or mobile app. Remove the need for expensive hardware and push call alerts and emergencies to mobile devices in the field.


Simple, Endless

System Expansion

Our nurse call and warden call systems have endless possibilities. Add a market leading dementia control unit with ease. Connect a dynamic interface to connect endless third party detectors. All with confidence you will not run out of system capacity. 

CQC Proof

Care Reports

Create simple to use, data rich reports to optimise revenue, staffing and satisfy CQC. You can determine staffing requirements at peak call hours and even set target KPI's to ensure consistent levels of care to residents.


Featured Case Study

Care Home - Merseyside

A luxury 80 bed care home utilising an extensive nurse call system. Solid State designed, installed and commissioned the call system at the prestigious care home.


Serviced & Maintained to Keep You Safe

Ready 24/7, 365 days a year to quickly react to your emergencies. Satisfy your CQC requirements for a maintained system.


Fastest Response

24/7/365 Call-Outs

Low Call-Out Rates

Instant Certificates

Fastest Repair Quotes

Cloud Portal

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