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Nurse Call - Merseyside

The design and completion of a high-tech nurse call system to a new 80 bed luxury care facility in the merseyside region.


We used a powerful and easy to use addressable call system that permits external monitoring and care home management.

The client required a system that was at the leading edge of technology whilst having a low lifecycle costs

The solution was sourcing a system that has free availability throughout the construction sector meaning equipment and services are abundant. This leads to a very reliable system which can grow with clients needs and lifecycle.

Further, a TCP/IP connection was installed to the main controller. This meant calls and alarms could be picked up by mobile devices and system management and reporting could be achieved offsite.


As a result the client has a fully scalable and easy to use nurse call system with the ease of managing the activity of site.

If you have a similar project, design questions and maintenance enquiries please get in touch on 01257 463018 or email


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