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Access Control - Hartley Hospital

A brand new IP Access Control System across the site controlling multiple access rights into various access zones.


We used a large scale networked IP system across 200 plus doors and controlled by the access control server and management system.


The system was extensive with added complexity.

  1. A need to keep IP points to a minimum

  2. Many user permissions for changing access privileges

  3. Remote Management was required


  1. To overcome the desire for a low number of IP points we utilised a system that can extend using a RS485 network joining multiple doors under one network point.

  2. We utilised a system which can have almost an endless set of access privileges

  3. The system was easy to manage remotely and had flexibility for offset server management or peer to peer connection.


The client now easily manages a full IP access control system providing unlimited flexibility.

If you have a similar project, design questions and maintenance enquiries please get in touch on 01257 463018 or email


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