CCTV - Liverpool Shopping Centre

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

A complete CCTV and control centre upgrade. We seamlessly built a new end-to-end secure IP infrastructure, CCTV system and Control Room setup delivering state of the art analytics, monitoring and security.


We used an enterprise no nonsense commercial CCTV system with an enterprise grade Control room video management system. Finally, an end to end installation including complete new IP infrastructure with encrypted gigabit ports were deployed.


The building was existing and so there was multiple hurdles we had to overcome.

  1. The extensive building layout and inadequate existing wiring infrastructure

  2. The specific analytic requirements required

  3. Live crossover of a control room operations


  1. To overcome the scale restrictions and inadequate wiring we deployed an enterprise grade IP infrastructure with strategic POE switch locations. As a result no power injectors were required and with a seamless 1 gigabit core network video transmission and telemetry is industry leading.

  2. To overcome the analytics we used a combination of technologies to make this possible in realtime from H.265 video compression and activity controlled frame rate technology whilst joining forces with an open software platform to run the analytics the client needs.

  3. We planned our crossover to ensure maximum security taking into account, week times, time of day, camera location and risk mitigation.


The client now operates an artificial intelligence powered CCTV system creating analytic driven alarms and warnings for staff efficiency.

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