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Fire Alarm - Prestigious St Peters

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

The brand new installation of a large 20 Loop addressable fire alarm system comprising very complex cause and effects. The Addressable Fire Alarm system was expertly designed and installed by our industry leading engineers.


We used a system which offers more power per addressable loop. The voltage range is higher than most fire alarm systems offering much greater capacity. Plus we used all-in-one detector and alarm devices and smart interface devices.


Three Technical challenges with the project

Throughout the project we encountered some difficult hurdles on the way to a robust and compliant design and installation. Our biggest hurdles were:

  • The shear size of the building

  • The number of devices

  • The lifetime use of the building and ease of maintenance with different commercial tenants


With regards the size of the building we designed in a system that offered enormous flexibility allowing us to add in network nodes and additional power throughout the height of the building. This means the Landlord has complete assurance and flexibility depending on the future changes to the building.

The number of devices across the project was vast. As a result our system selection and design layout accounted for such capacity in both number and power requirements. Clever networking permitted a large device capacity whilst working in future expansion too.

The building is a multi tenanted facility with a mixture of retail, corporate and financial tenants. As such system isolation and ease of maintenance is critical. Our design and installation permits an easy method for testing and maintenance and keeps areas isolated for fit-outs, different test regimes and maintenance requirements.


As a result the landlord has a very dynamic, programmable system. The addressable system can adapt over time with new tenants and gives flexibility for change and maintenance.

The site project manager was thrilled with the outcome and said "The fire alarm system fits perfectly with the demands of the building and needs of the tenants. From design to commission the process went well."

If you have a similar project, design questions and maintenance enquiries please get in touch on 01257 463018 or email


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