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Fire Extinguishers - Project X

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

A large well know shopping centre consisting of a large volume of extinguishers. Extinguishers are maintained to BS 5306-3:2017 across the site and consist of a mixture of class A, B, C & F extinguishers.


We were contracted to maintain the Portable Fire Extinguishers and protection items in accordance with BS5306-3 and conduct the discharge as per the recommended intervals of discharge.


A maintenance scope with this much volume poses difficulties for any organisation, namely the scale of the site and tracking the assets and replacements.


Solid State Security operate a custom, state of the art internal operating system which tracks and notifies our team on time every time.

As a result our customers know the status of their systems and have their certification immediately through our innovative customer portal.

All our Service Technicians are CRB registered & have successfully completed the requirements of the BAFE registered Technicians Scheme ST104.

The excellent system and quality means your portable fire extinguishers are serviced and maintained exactly when they should be.


As a result, the portable fire extinguishers are kept compliant and up-to-dateon time.

If you have a similar project, design questions and maintenance enquiries please get in touch on 01257 463018 or email


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